We believe the financial planning process starts by having a clear understanding of your short, medium and long-term goals and objectives. This is the main reason we have a step by step process that will guide you through the different stages.

Simplicity is important if you are a sophisticated investor looking to rebalance your investment portfolio or you are a Pre-retiree looking to consolidate your retirement plans, it’s important to keep things simple and make sure you understand what’s going on.

Our process is quite involved and we believe that this is important, we can’t get to know you in one meeting, reason we have several throughout the process. Check out how we do things.

Step by Step process:

1.Introductory Phone meeting (Discovery)
This is to understand very quickly if we will be able to provide value and if it is worth setting up a face to face meeting. 20 minutes over the phone so you can ask questions and we can fill you in on the process.
2.Face to face (Analysis)
At this meeting we really need to get to know you and define goals and expectations. We go over the process and make sure you understand how we will work with you to provide the mapping to achieve your goals. You will take away some important information, at this stage you need to send us back a completed fact find so we can proceed to the next step, the engagement letter.
3.Engagement letter (Commitment)
Once you have sent us back the fact-find we will send you an engagement letter. This document will outline the services we will provide and the exact cost, we also outline the different service packages.
4.Data gathering and plan Creation (Recommendations)
This is a very important part of the process and your plan starts to take form. Based on the information gathered and the full analysis, our team start to work on developing the strategies and recommendations that are going to help you achieve your goals.
5.Presentation of proposal (Show you how its done)
At this stage we will present the Advice and go over the strategies. This is another face to face meeting. We go over the SOA and make sure you understand the different components. You take the plan with you and have 20 days to read over it and make sure you understand it.
6.Implementation (Let’s get started)
Once you have had time to go over the SOA we will confirm all is in order, this is when we make sure you understand all of the information provided and you are happy with everything, if changes need to be made or you wish to make omit or add something we need to.
7.Ongoing Review (You’re on the way)
Depending on the Service packages you have selected you will become part of the EPG family and start your financial Planning journey.