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Your journey starts with an initial Statement of Advice (SOA) and its implementation, after which you can select the right package. Find out what it would cost you now!

We have a package for everyone

No matter your stage of life or your financial situation, we have a package for you.

We charge flat fees with no comissions

Transparency is important to us, we charge flat fees to our clients, so they know exactly the value they are getting.

We have no lock-in contracts

We want you to have the control, so no matter the package you are on, you can cancel at any time.

Personal Advice Packages


Choosing the right financial advice package is crucial for managing your wealth effectively. Our Personal Advice Packages are designed to cater to investors at various stages of their financial journey. Whether you’re a younger investor looking to grow your wealth or a high net-worth individual with complex financial needs, we have a package tailored for you.



starting from
$ 375 Monthly
  • Best for investors who are comfortable with a more passive, long-term investment strategy. Suitable for those who prefer lower fees and less frequent portfolio adjustments and features.
  • Model Portfolio
  • Up to 2 Account(s) under management
  • Return contact in up to 48 business hours
  • Online or Phone Meetings only
  • 1x Asset Allocation per year
  • 1x Review Meeting per year
  • 1x Post Review Advice included
  • Simple Ad-Hoc Advice included
  • Complex Ad-Hoc Advice (at a charge)
  • Statement of Advice (at a charge)


starting from
$ 715 Monthly
  • Ideal for investors who desire a blend of strategic and tactical allocation. Suitable for those who understand markets and value a proactive approach to managing their wealth.
  • Tailored Portfolio
  • Up to 3 Account(s) under management
  • Return contact in up to 36 business hours
  • Online and Face to Face Meetings
  • 4x Asset Allocations per year
  • 1x Review Meeting per year
  • 1x Post Review Advice included
  • Simple Ad-Hoc Advice included
  • Complex Ad-Hoc Advice included
  • Statement of Advice (discounted)


starting from
$ 1210 Monthly
  • Perfect for high net-worth individuals with a complex financial position needing a bespoke investment plan, and who require a proactive and highly responsive Investment approach.
  • Premium Tailored Portfolio
  • Unlimited Accounts under management
  • Return contact within 24 business hours
  • Online and Face to Face Meetings
  • 6x Asset Allocations per year
  • Up to 2 Review Meeting(s) per year
  • All Post Review Advice included
  • All Ad-Hoc Advice included
  • Offered bespoke investment opportunities
  • Statement of Advice included

General Advice Packages


Choosing the right financial advice package is essential for establishing a solid financial foundation. Our General Advice Only Packages are designed to meet the diverse needs of investors at various stages of their journey. For young investors aiming to build wealth, these packages provide the guidance needed to get on top of your finances and set the right foundations for financial success. While these packages do not include personal advice, you will receive a Statement of Advice (SOA) at an upfront additional cost which will establish a financial plan that meets your financial goals. Enjoy a hands-off experience with the assurance that our advisers still maintain visibility over your financial situation, assisting you stay on track towards your goals.



hourly rate

starting from
$ 375 Hour
  • The Hourly Rate package is best suited to smart, seasoned investors who know what they want, or new investors looking to establish the right financial foundations. You should be proactive and self-educated and manage your investments independently, with access to an adviser as needed to ask questions or assist with anything need.
  • Statement of Advice (at a charge)
  • Charged in 15-minute blocks for Ad-Hoc work
  • Newsletters
  • Return contact from an EPG Wealth Adviser or Support Staff
  • Investment reporting and other information (at request)
  • Access to Client Hub (at request)

admin package

Suitable for new investors
$ 110 Monthly
  • The Admin Package provides investors with greater value in terms of financial resources and access to our team. This package is suited to you if you are proactive, disciplined and interested in broadening your financial knowledge or if you need time for your wealth to grow and may need a little bit of help on the journey.
  • Statement of Advice (at a charge)
  • 3x 15 minute blocks with an Adviser
  • Newsletters
  • Access to the EPG Wealth team
  • Annual Investment Reporting
  • Access to Premium Educational Resources and Tools
  • Access to Webinars
  • Access to Client Hub to provide Financial Modelling

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Frequently asked questions

The Comprehensive Package offers a tailored portfolio, periodic portfolio management, and up to three accounts. It includes more frequent advice and meetings, both online and face-to-face, and is ideal for investors with $500,000 to $1,200,000 in investable assets.

A Statement of Advice (SOA) is a detailed document outlining the financial advice provided. In the Basic Package, the SOA is payable separately. The Comprehensive Package offers a reduced SOA cost, while the Private Package includes the SOA.

The Client Hub provides you with access to your financial position, you are able to update your financial position at any time and we can provide financial modelling based of your needs. 

Yes, you can switch packages as your financial situation evolves. Our advisers can help you determine the best package based on your current needs and goals.

Ad-hoc advice refers to financial guidance provided on an as-needed basis outside of regular review meetings. It addresses specific questions or unique situations that arise unexpectedly and may require immediate attention. This type of advice can include investment recommendations, tax strategies, or adjustments to your financial plan due to life changes such as marriage, job changes, or market fluctuations. In our Basic and Comprehensive Packages, complex ad-hoc advice may incur additional charges, while in the Private Package, all ad-hoc advice is included at no extra cost.