You can’t control investment markets or asset class returns so it’s important to control the few aspects you can, like how much you pay your Adviser; how much you pay in admin and investment fees.

Regardless of your financial goals, assets and wealth we have a fee structure that will fit in with your needs and budget.

We don’t take commissions form any investments we recommend.

We breakdown the advice delivery into 2 main forms:

  • Financial planning. (We take a holistic approach)
  • Specific a la carte advice. (You choose what you need from us)

Fee breakdown

The first fee is the Strategy/Membership fee, this is a one-off fee that will cover the first few meetings, the Strategy construction and the presentation of the advice. The fee is based on the complexity and amount of work so the only way to provide an accurate quote is for you to give us a call.

From an ongoing perspective we have different packages to suit different clients and their needs.

If you are young and starting off or know exactly what you need you will be on the lower service packages, if you are more advanced in life or have wealth that needs ongoing Service you may need a higher Service package, we don’t choose the service package, you do.

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